Welcome! I’m Lee Marie Hall Authorised Marriage Celebrant I am Located in Perth, Western Australia

You are no doubt about to celebrate a very special occasion because you are searching for a celebrant, so congratulations!

If you are about to be married, I smile thinking of the joy and excitement that you’re feeling as you plan the details of your wedding. I love everything about weddings and being in love!

That is why it was my dream to one day become a celebrant and marry people with ceremonies that were meaningful, personal, and unique to each couple.

My husband and I had a marvellous wedding  almost 30  years ago, but it wasn’t unique and personal and we couldn’t write our own vows. In 2006 however, my husband asked me to renew our vows, and I was ecstatic! We were not only finally able to write wonderful vows to each other, I went on and wrote the whole ceremony!

It eventually led to me fulfilling my dream of becoming a celebrant !

One of the joys of doing something I love, is seeing the effect my carefully built ceremonies has on my clients and their guests.

My best memorable moment, was the giddy feeling I had inside when I pronounced my first married couple “husband and wife”!

When I went home after the ceremony finished – I think I grinned all night!

If you choose me to act as your celebrant for your Dream Day, it will be an honour to plan you a ceremony that you will truly cherish.

At the moment, you may be possibly overwhelmed by the many things you will need to plan before your Dream Day can happen. You may also find that you are overloaded by the choices there are for celebrants in Australia, so let me say as my first tip:

Choosing a celebrant is an essential part of planning your ceremony, and choosing the right celebrant, who will understand what you are about and what you would like to convey on the day, can make all the difference from having “a nice” ceremony to having a “simply fabulous!” one, that both you and your guests talk about for ages and remember fondly.

Remember that not many people will recall what they ate at your wedding celebration, but they will recall an ill-prepared ceremony that was boring and as stale as week old bread!

You deserve a ceremony that celebrates you and your situation, that is beautifully written, that can be heard by all of your guests and that fills you with cherished memories when you look back on it in years to come.

Not every celebrant suits everybody – so make sure you feel comfortable that whomever you choose will work hard for you to make your celebration the best that it can be!

If this resonates with you then I would love to hear from you!

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