Notice of Intended Marriage

So what is the first thing that needs to be done before you both can marry?

For a marriage to be solemnised according to the Marriage Act 1961, a Notice Of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form must be completed at least one calendar month (one month and one day) prior to the date of the marriage, unless a prescribed authority has authorised the marriage to be solemnised before that time has elapsed, but must NOT be completed more than 18 months in advance. (see below **shortening of time)

You can download a copy of the NOIM from the Attorney General’s Department Canberra website and fill it in, but I am more than happy to do this for you and my documents come straight from Canberra.

Very Important

The following documentation will need to be brought to our interview before it can be signed as witnessed, in the above time frames.

  1. If you were born in Australia:
    • You will need to bring your Australian Birth Certificate or an official Australian extract of an entry, showing the date and place of birth.
    • You will need to bring a form of photo ID with you, such as your Driver’s License or your Passport to verify that you are who the documents say you are.
  2. If you were born overseas:
    • You will need to bring your Overseas Birth Certificate or an Overseas Passport.
  3. If you have been divorced or widowed:
    • You will need to bring a Certificate of Divorce, or a Decree Absolute, from the most recent divorce, if you have had more than one divorce; or an overseas issued equivalent if this occurred overseas. n.b. Marriage cannot proceed without evidence of divorce. Statutory Declarations do not apply in this instance.
    • You will need to bring the Death Certificate of your previous spouse, if you are widowed.
  4. Originals or an Official Copy
    • If you were born in Australia, and do not have the originals of either your Birth Certificate or the Death Certificate of a spouse, and the death of your spouse took place in Australia, then to obtain your Official Copies of these documents (Photocopies are not acceptable) you will need to apply to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the appropriate state of Australia in which they occurred.
    • If you are divorced, and you were divorced in Australia and you do not have your original divorce Decree Absolute or your original divorce Certificate, then you must apply to the Family Court of Australia in the district of the appropriate Australian state to obtain an official copy.
    • If you were divorced overseas and do not have your original documentation then an overseas equivalent of on official copy from the appropriate regulating bodies of that country will be needed.

For your convenience I have listed below, the contact details for Births, Deaths and Marriages in each state.

Once all the paper work is done we can get down to preparing a beautiful ceremony for you that reflects you both as a couple, and the ingredients that makes your relationship the reason why you want to spend your lives together!

**Shortening of time

For this to occur, the reason must fall under one of the following criteria:

The prescribed authority will consider:

  1. Employment related or other travel commitments
  2. Wedding celebration arrangements or religious considerations
  3. Medical Reasons
  4. Legal proceedings pending
  5. Error in giving notice by the celebrant

WA – Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages

Level 10, 141 St Georges Terrace, PERTH WA 6000

Phone (within Australia): 1300 305 021

Phone (from overseas): + 61 8 9264 1555

NSW – Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages

GPO Box 30, SYDNEY NSW 2001

Telephone: 1300 655 236

QLD – Births Deaths and Marriages

110 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Phone (within Australia): 1300 366 430

Phone (from overseas): +61 7 3247 5811


VIC – Births Deaths and Marriages

GPO Box 4332, Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone (within Australia): 1300 369 367

Phone (from overseas): + 61 3 9613 511

SA – Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office

Level 2, Chesser House, 91-97 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone (within Australia): (08) 8204 9599

TAS – Births Deaths and Marriages

GPO Box 198, HOBART TAS 7001

Phone (within Australia): 1300 135 513

Phone (from overseas): +61 3 6233 379